What's New?

2013-12-30 posted by flier

A new ScrollZ 2.2.3 release. Changelog is here.

2012-04-30 posted by flier

A new ScrollZ 2.2.2 release. Changelog is here.

2011-05-19 posted by flier

A new ScrollZ 2.2 release. Changelog is here.

2010-12-27 posted by flier

Finally a working web page after some months of downtime. Thanks to Tero!

2009-12-23 posted by flier

A new ScrollZ 2.1 release. Changelog is here.

2008-12-30 posted by flier

Finally a new ScrollZ release (2.0). Changelog is here.

2007-08-12, updated 2007-10-24 posted by flier

tinyurl.sz available, you need current source. Link to the script has been removed until I figure out why it no longer works.

2007-01-08 posted by flier

ScrollZ 1.9.99 has been released, changelog is here
ScrollZ 1.9.99 with FiSH support is also available, and this patch adds encrypted topics support

2006-07-05 posted by flier

Webpage moved to another location, we lost some stuff due to disk crash (including forum posts)

2005-08-21 posted by flier

ScrollZ with FiSH crypto support is available, msg flier on IRC for information

WARNING: Do not use ftp.scrollz.net , the machine is not under our control and seems to contain some weird stuff (thanks Xavier)!

Latest Ver: 2.2.3